If you love changing things up and get bored easily, wigs can be your best friend. You can change your look up as many times as you want all while keeping your natural hair healthy and protected. If you're new to the wig game, it makes sense that you might be nervous to start wearing them but all you need are some pointers to ease those nerves. Our 5 tips will help get you started on using wigs.

Look for wigs made with lace or silk closures. These materials make the wig the most natural because they most closely mimic your actual scalp. Silk is usually more expensive but looks the most like your actual skin and tends to last longer with proper care. Lace on the other hand can be friendlier on the bank account but might require more prep work to get it looking right and even with perfect care, might not last as long as silk.



Pluck hairs around the hairline. If you look at a natural hairline, you'll notice that your hair doesn't just come to a full stop along the line but instead thins out into your face. That’s why you have baby hairs. To accomplish that thinning out effect on your wigs, carefully pluck the hairs along the line. Just be careful not to go too far back. Nowadays, you can find plenty of wigs that have already mastered the hairline so if you're nervous that you'll mess it up, get one that’s pre-plucked..



Choose dark roots. If you're going with a light color like platinum blonde, dark roots that blend into the color will help you conceal your actual hair. This can be especially useful if you want to style your wig in a ponytail or bun since your nape will be exposed and naturally darker hair might be harder to conceal in that area.



Note the hair material before heat styling it. Wigs can be made out of real human hair or synthetic material. While you can style human hair wigs like normal, synthetic wigs are essentially a form of plastic so regular heat styling methods can actually melt them. That doesn't mean you're stuck with the same style, it just means you have to use different methods to change it. Here's one way to do it.



Wigs are not created equal. Like anything else in life, the nicer the wig, the more you'll be dropping on it. The materials used, how it was made, the styling that went into it, all these factors will play a role in how much it costs. You can find wigs costing around $30 all the way up to ones going up into the thousands. If you're looking for something you can keep and use for a while, then you'll definitely want to consider spending a little more on a higher-quality wig. With the right care, high-quality wigs can last you years. Don't be so quick to throw away a wig just because it's looking a little rough. We also have some tips to extend the life of it. <-- linked


Wearing wigs is really not as hard as you might think. You just need to take the plunge and start playing around with them to really master the art. Before you know it, you'll be snatching wigs of your own.