The laxness of summer fashion is over -- shorts and tank tops will no longer get you by.  Autumn has officially started, which means it’s time to stock up your closet for layering!  While there are other key items such as boots, pants, and sweaters, that need to be purchased to complete your seasonal wardrobe, there’s nothing like the perfect fall jacket to really make your outfit pop. Check out the 5 types of jackets that we think are crucial for a dapper season below. 

A denim jacket is essential to every season. 

Leather jackets can turn any plain outfit into a stylish look. 

Leopard print never goes out of style, but try switching it up this autumn with different prints! 

Colder and wetter weather is on the way, stay warm with these stylish and durable raincoats!

The perfect puffer jacket is the best casual (and warm) outerwear to dress up or down.

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