Glasses make life easier by letting you, you know, actually see things but try to lay down on your side or walk outside in the rain while wearing your glasses and it's over. Just because you need your glasses to be able to function, it doesn't mean that they don't create new problems that only other glasses-wearers can relate to.


Anyone who wears makeup and glasses would agree. Unfortunately, glasses have a way of hiding part of your face which, if you just spent over an hour putting makeup on, can make it really frustrating. But just because you can't see without your glasses, shouldn't mean you can't still serve looks! These tips will help you master the art of wearing makeup while wearing glasses.


Glasses tend to create shadows on your face so to counteract that, make sure you brighten up the entire area around your eyes. Use concealer to brighten up under-eye bags and use bright colored eyeshadows that will translate well through those lenses.


Don't be afraid to go bold with your eye looks! Because the glasses add an extra barrier between your eyes, subtle makeup can easily be washed out through glasses while bolder looks will be muted just enough to look balanced. Those colors that will enhance your natural eye color will also make your eyes pop more. When you want a more sultry look, opt for a smokey liner rather than a smokey shadow that might make the eye area appear too heavy with dark tones. A classic cat eye can also do wonders for your eyes since you can choose how to shape your eye and where you want the intensity of the liner to go. The thicker your frames, the thicker you can go with the liner so the look stays balanced.



Those shadows caused by the glasses can also make your eyes seem smaller so counteract that by making sure your makeup opens up your eyes more. Try using white or nude eyeliner on your waterline to make them seem bigger. Straightened eyelashes will create more shadows on your eyes so make sure to curl them to let more light through to your eyes.


An added bonus to curling them is that you'll help prevent your lashes from scraping against the actual lens. Another way to prevent that issue is by picking out mascaras that are smudge-proof and designed to create volume rather than length. When applying the mascara, focus most of the product on the base of the lashes rather than the tips so that they don't get weighed down and straightened out again. If you want to use falsies, follow the same advice and go with styles that are more voluminous than they are long.


One of the worst enemies of foundation are probably the nose pads from glasses. If you constantly struggle with this, make sure to blot away as much excess foundation from the nose area to prevent it from smearing all over the place. Set the foundation in place with a really good finishing powder that will help lock in place. Also, make sure to regularly tighten your glasses so that they're not constantly sliding down face and sliding that makeup around.


Lastly, try out a bold lip. Since there's already a lot going on in the eye area, a bold lip can help balance out your entire face by bringing attention down to the lips rather than the glasses. Go with a shade that will compliment the color of your frames rather than clash with them.




You shouldn't have to pick between wearing makeup or wearing glasses. Although it takes a little more work around to make that makeup pop, following these tips will help you lool like a 20/20!


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